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Listen to What a Few of My Students Have
Had to Say About My Coaching Program:

Dr. Stephanie Sears

"Many Blessings with Sincere Gratitude!"

“WOW! I recently finished listening to the “Alignment Factor” audio recordings and “WOW” I have tried and participated in many self-development and personal-growth programs and seminars. None of them, in fact all of them combined, fall short in the “Transformation” I experienced from your program. I could physically feel my “Vibration”, “Awareness”, and “Clarity” rise instantly. I found your program easy to understand, real, raw, and juicy.

I received an e-mail from the “Masters Gathering” saying if you are ready to change your life, raise your vibration, and all sorts of wonderful things then type “Harrison change my life!” and hit send. Well I must admit I was awful skeptical and curious, but I was ready to change my life. I had been bouncing from one familiar pot hole to another and asking “What is going on”. I took a chance and typed “Harrison change my life!” and hit send. “I AM” so happy I did! I absolutely without any doubt highly recommend The “Alignment Factor” to anyone and everyone who is ready to change their life!”

Many Blessings with Sincere Gratitude!
John Mosher

Teresa deGrosbois

Farhana Dhalla

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Pam Hunter

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