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Ryan Sands

Dr. Stephanie Sears

"Many Blessings with Sincere Gratitude!"

“WOW! I recently finished listening to the “Alignment Factor” audio recordings and “WOW” I have tried and participated in many self-development and personal-growth programs and seminars. None of them, in fact all of them combined, fall short in the “Transformation” I experienced from your program. I could physically feel my “Vibration”, “Awareness”, and “Clarity” rise instantly. I found your program easy to understand, real, raw, and juicy.

I received an e-mail from the “Masters Gathering” saying if you are ready to change your life, raise your vibration, and all sorts of wonderful things then type “Harrison change my life!” and hit send. Well I must admit I was awful skeptical and curious, but I was ready to change my life. I had been bouncing from one familiar pot hole to another and asking “What is going on”. I took a chance and typed “Harrison change my life!” and hit send. “I AM” so happy I did! I absolutely without any doubt highly recommend The “Alignment Factor” to anyone and everyone who is ready to change their life!”

Many Blessings with Sincere Gratitude!
John Mosher

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Pam Hunter

Teresa deGrosbois

If you are interested in Harrison Klein's
Transformation Coaching, please

"I know who I am. I know what I am here to do!"

Hi Harrison!!

I TRUST you are fabulous, marvelous, spiffy, tuned-up. tuned-out, inspired, energetic, and any and all of the wonderful blessings of the Spirit you customarily allow and dance with in life!! =)

I just had to contact you today as I am listening very intently to my intuition, being directed within in!! I am also trusting more and more in the process of life and acting on my intuitive nudges.

I just want to say.... I GET IT!!!

It’s a marvelous realization to sense the beautiful workings of energy, the law of cause and effect, and my role in it. But it’s an even more miraculous feat of self-understanding to know and feel my own certainty as Co-Creator with the Universe--without fear and the instability that comes from following the voices of others who do not yet know who they are.

This is where I am!! I am certain. I am peace. I am creative. I am powerful. I am Love!!!

I now know fully. I know who I am. I know what I am here to do! I know how to tap into an unlimited well of ideas and play with them!

I hope you can feel my excitement and sense why it is so important for me to share this with you. I am so grateful for the role you play (and continue to play) in my life. When last we shared learning time together, you said I was straddling a vortex. I feel that this current time brings significant harvest to my life after having experienced two powerful eclipses in my astrological houses of home and career. I have been watching all of the past manifestations of my previous fear-based thoughts gently walk out of my life. At the same time, many wonderful manifestations of my current Light-filled thoughts are beginning to gently walk in. It is truly amazing. I feel as though my new life is here now and I am ready to experience my unmanifested potential more fully!

I have had the blessing of coaching two people in the last month. Here’s what I GET so POWERFULLY now (and here’s also the heart of the message of what I desire to share with you): our job (as enlightened beings) is to hold onto our certainty and hold the light so brightly, shining the light of our certainty into another person’s mind because we know that the light belongs to them too!! That is how we can be certain that we can indeed help them. And, the more we give, we contribute to ourselves, because we are one with them always.

Not only do I get this conceptually, I feel it in and through my chakras! I feel myself aligned with the Truth wholly! It’s as if I am now no longer straddling that vortex. I am now ready and I accept as well as expect abundance in many forms.

In fact, I have a pear tree in my front yard. My neighbors, who have lived next door for the past 30 years, have told me that the tree never bore any fruit. Currently, in this very moment, the tree is covered COMPLETELY with pears! It is so awesome, incredible, and beautiful!!!

There are more pears than I can possibly eat. I take it energetically to mean that abundance is a part of my life. The Spirit of Abundance has visited me and my thoughts are in alignment with it.

I am sooo ready for the money too!!!

I love you Harrison!! Just wanted to share and express my deepest gratitude. I am ready to dance with life in a way that is new and creative for me. I am expanding my work in the world and I can’t wait to tell you more about it as I continue on my soul’s evolutionary path!!!

Until we speak again!!



Lance Hood

"The Alignment Factor Class Has
Had a Great Impact On My Life"

Dear Harrison.
I already miss you very much...I am now really happy.  You have been a great inspiration to me in that shift.
I find that the Alignment Factor class has had a great impact on my life and being, and as you said to me: the universe is endless keep flying - so I am :-)
I have to carefully listen to these classes again and again and especially re-listen carefully to the one about purpose, and the two last ones.
I have experienced calm, happiness, faith in me, expedient thought and writing processes and a deep connection to the spirituality you have unfolded as reality, I live this knowledge every day and I am very grateful to meet a person like you who looks at the world the same way I do.
At the moment I practice being me at my new level and expand my awareness, and you have given me the fantastic warm and generous guidance to reveal all of what is possible next.
After finishing my master thesis I was so happy to get all the greetings from you and the class, now I am right where I like to be for this year and I am creating every day - through planning, a better structure, writing, working on projects, inspiring the world around me - hopefully - and preparing Christmas.
Tomorrow we have a Christmas concert in my music school and the house will be full of guests, music and singing.
During Christmas I will listen to the AF Class recordings together with my daughter, I am sure she understands every word.  She is a beautiful and talented young singer.
Until we talk again soon,
Love Agneta
Agneta Mei Hytten

If you are interested in Harrison Klein's
Transformation Coaching, please

John Assaraf

"Thank You For Transforming My Life!"

Dear Harrison,

I have just practiced your kind and loving Heart's desire meditation visualization.  The way you gave the information was so thoughtful, so clear, so heartfelt.  It made all the difference.   I feel calm, and safe in life to create, to receive.

Your process is unique, different.   There feels to be the aspect of self forgiveness, a gentleness to understand the fears, a love for my heart, and its desires.  And the intention to give these desires a life, to honor them, to listen with commitment and respect will give power to release the fears.  And the ability to trust that I can in fact release the fears and disappointments of the past. 

It is safe now to ask for what I need and to receive it.  The process of creation is a loving and joyous one.... the way you have explained it is wonderful. 

Thank you for opening my heart.

Blessings to your kind heart,
Bianca Zoie

Daniel Gutierrez

"I am so spiritual now, have faith in the universe, manifestation and overall health and prosperity"

Hi Harrison,

You saved my life about 4 years ago. Literally.

I didn't have faith in anything anymore, was ill and sick my whole life and in your counseling, you advised me to practice certain rituals and you said, "I know it will sound ludicrous at first, but just lie to yourself if you have to and I guarantee your subconscious will eventually catch on."

It was sink-or-swim for me and I was hooked on your no-nonsense, science-backed philosophy.

It is nice to be able to finally thank you. You changed my life and because of it, it helped not only me but my whole family.

I am so spiritual now, have faith in the universe, manifestation and overall health and well-being including wonderful prosperity

Thanks a million!!

Sheila Seghieri

Jeneth Blackert

If you are interested in Harrison Klein's
Transformation Coaching, please

"Thank You Immensely Dearest Harrison,
You Are Indeed Amazing!"

You are ONE OF A KIND, and I am So blessed to know you and about you. You share your knowledge So Generously. I felt immediately how you did not/do not hold back any useful information, and you are So Great at explaining difficult subjects in a down to earth manner. I like to do that too when I explain.

Half way through one of your interviews (50 min. into it), I had to leave the computer and get outside, because You had litterally FILLED ME UP WITH LIGHT AND INNER JOY, that I could Not have sat still, even if someone had tied me to the chair...

There was this feeling of a big bright LOVING Strong beam of light penetrating my whole chest and heart area. I have NEVER felt this way before. AMAZING is all I can say. Thank YOU with all my heart. I send that Beautiful feeling right back at you dear friend.

By the way I was also really touched when you said on the teleconference call with Darius that all those people who were on the call were already your friends and that we already know each other from previous lives. I believe that too, nothing happens by coincidence.

I REALLY like how you keep everything SIMPLE. There are SO MANY out there who wants to give their VERY complicated, MULTI STEP to put it nicely, and make money on you. They drive me a bit crazy, 'cause I get so many of them daily. You are nothing like them, you get RIGHT TO THE CORE, and I Love that about you and your communication. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH Harrison, I Truly appreciate this.



Kathy Eriksen

"...New Ways of Thinking ..., I Will
Achieve Everything I Set Out to Do."

Since I started learning from Harrison Klein, I have totally changed my way of thinking.   I have had people tell me that I have a much calmer state, I deal with challenging situations and people in different ways, and my outlook on life is different.  People tell me that positive energy is always around me.  I look at things from different angles, and as a result different opportunities are coming my way.  Even in the face of all of the negative news about the economy, I AM positive and I AM looking forward to the future.  Every day, I see people around me that think the way I used to think, and worry about the things I used to worry about, and I AM so glad I’m not there anymore! 

Let me give you an example.  About halfway through my consulting sessions with Harrison, we were given homework to manifest something.  One morning I was dressing the part of my future state of being a millionaire and when I went to put on my ring, it was missing, it was not where it was supposed to be.  My wife and I both looked for the ring but could not find it.  The last time we remembered seeing it was a couple of days earlier when I had the ring on my pinky finger and my wife said to be sure and put it away before I lose it.  On that particular morning, I put on some pants that had not been worn for a couple of months.  My wife and I were both running late so we left the house.  As I was leaving the house, I asked the universe to please return the ring to me, as it had a lot of sentimental value.  A couple of hours went by, with me going from one appointment to another.  As I get out of the car I always check my pockets for my keys to make sure I have them before I lock the doors.  On my third stop of the day I reached in and checked for the keys, and pulled that ring out of my pocket.  I was dumbfounded, I just stood there staring at the ring with goose-bumps all over my body.  That feeling stayed with me all day. 

I also used Harrison’s coaching later in the week for a business matter.  I had to make a split-second decision, so I asked the universe to guide me with the proper wording to respond to this particular challenge.  The right words just came to me, and that situation was resolved in a good way for all parties involved.  In the past, I would have struggled with how to respond, and probably would have said or done the wrong thing.  But now due to my I AM statements, I am confident that I can handle challenging situations in the best possible way.

Harrison has taught me the right way to face fears – facing them head on – because fear is nothing but False Evidence Appearing Real.  Just knowing that fear is the main anchor that holds people back in life, by simply removing it you can do whatever it is you want to do.  One of my main fears was related to money, the fear of not having enough money.  Much of that fear is now gone, and there are now new money-making opportunities coming my way.  This process takes time and Harrison reminds me that while I may stumble, it’s like a baby learning to walk.  The more I practice, the better I will become.  With my new ways of thinking, and my I AM statements, I will achieve everything I set out to do.  Thank you, Harrison, for everything – the listening, the coaching, the guidance, and the wisdom. 

Ron Cook

If you are interested in Harrison Klein's
Transformation Coaching, please

Karen LaGrange

"...Living from My God Connection"

Hi Harrison,

I just wanted you to know how much I love and appreciate you. 

For the first time in my life I'm moving through my personality and fully living from my God Connection.

I'm so easily able to learn from you and integrate everything so I am living it.  What an incredible blessing!

I just wanted you to know how I'm feeling and what a huge difference you've made in my life.

Susan Carlson

Erika Prentice

"The Momentum that We Were All Tuned
Into Was Nothing Short of Miraculous"


Words can not describe the elevation in vibration that I tuned into during your class!  The momentum that we were all tuned into was nothing short of miraculous. 

Thank you for making yourself so available so that those that are not "there" yet can see what is available to us all.  Your life is totally on purpose.

Sweet Blessings of Peace to you and to the Whole of "The Master's Gathering"

Emily Mallon

Amy Cook

"... The Teaching of the Chakras Incredible"

Hi Harrison,

I've literally just finished listening to last nights call and I LOVED it!

It's just gone 2a.m and I started listening at 2 this afternoon! Between picking my kids up from school, taking them to a party, bath/bed time and filling 30 party bags for Bens own birthday party tomorrow, I've been waiting patiently for time this evening to listen to the call right the way through - and I'm so glad I did, despite the fact I'm going to be shattered again in the morning! It's worth it!

I can't even begin to tell you how incredible I found the teaching of the Chakras. It's got my mind wide open and I'm amazed at what's come up for me personally, but most of all, what it's revealing about people close to me. Wow!

Louise Edwards

Malcolm Watson

If you are interested in Harrison Klein's
Transformation Coaching, please

"Results Talk. . . Whatever Harrison
Touches Turns to Gold."

Harrison Klein brings together concepts in a sensational way, and the irony of it is...he is the Master

Never have I met anyone as passionate, committed and successful in this avenue. These rare ones are few and far between.  The best part is that whatever he touches turns to gold.

Results talk. I have tremendous respect and love for the man and his work, and look forward to much more this year and years to come. Thanks for all you do, Harrison. You've always got my vote, and my participation. Abundance always!

Elisabeth Fayt
Paving It Forward

Tina Headrick Fielder

"Pure Gold."

Harrison, every sentence you uttered on last night's Effortless Abundance class was pure gold.

I am just so grateful that it was recorded so I can listen to it over and over again.

Farhana Dhalla

Ashwini Yenamandra

"A Heartfelt and Soulfelt THANKYOU!!!!!!"


Words will never express how your deep kindness, thoughtfulness, support and generosity have rocked for ever my world!!!!!! I am so humbled and appreciative to once again be a part of your class and receive the elevation of my soul, spirit, heart and life.
I have learned and taken in at a cellular level your teachings and vibrations and it was the alignment factor class which really lit me up and changed me for ALL time!!!!!
It was during that class that I uncovered the deepest and most painful limiting belief that I had been operating under all of this lifetime and probably many,many previous ones.... that of not trusting........Because of being able to ascend to your level of frequency I was able to absorb and understand what pure unadulterated trust felt like,,,,, and it is so POWERFUL as well you already know.To once again trust in the Divine is pure magic and I am SO LIBERATED by this immense change!!!!
So to again have the privilege and opportunity of re-experiencing this class is nothing short of miraculous...... my ears , heart and soul will be open to their deepest level of absorption and I AM so excited about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank You Harrison....You and your teachings are a gift beyond measure and my ability to even comprehend fully at thsi time. All I know is that my world is constantly rocked and changed in the most wonderful ways by your energy, words and teachings...

This is the biggest Miracle of my life ..
With deep respect, love and immense and intense appreciation and gratitude.

Dian Ohm

Barbara Weinberg

"I Hope to Give Back to You Ten-Fold Someday!"

Hi Harrison -

It was a pleasure experiencing a true shift with you.  Love your energy!  Harrison, at the risk of stating the obvious you have a true gift of explaining ethereal universal principles in a crystal clear and practical way.  Your generosity is felt and appreciated by all of us and we love your grey matter!  It's really gratifying to be able to feel confidence to be able to practically apply these huge concepts that are actually quite simple. 

I can see now (even as I am impatient as a hummingbird) that those things I have intended almost a month ago are slowly starting to show up in my life and break through the soil.  I know it is a direct result of my change in thoughts and a result of your teachings.  I hope to give back to you all ten-fold someday!

Carrie Rinderknecht

Dr. Remah Wagner

If you are interested in Harrison Klein's
Transformation Coaching, please

"The Teachings have Transformed My State of Being"

Hello Harrison from far East!

I would like to show my appreciation and gratitude for Harrison, Elaine, Diane and everyone in the class also.
Sending you all lots of love and blessings.

It has been wonderful ride and the teachings have transformed my state of being a lot. Now I can feel more love and my relationship with my children become really amazing, something that every mother would have dream of.

My heart is healed more than I could have imagined. I can now really enjoy everyday and feel the happiness every moment of my life. My heart is beginning to open up and I am in a place of allowing good things to flow into my life. I feel confident that my future is going to be awesome. 

Thank you, Harrison. Your generous support filled with love made me a different person.  And relationships with you and all other people through this class are treasure that I can carry for rest of my life. I would not trade for anything.

Lots of love and appreciation,
Ikuko Shimizu

Beth Donelly

"I am Forever Grateful to You and These Magnificent Teachings . . . I AM Now Living the Life of My Dreams!"

Hi Harrison,

I was sitting in a movie theater today and something in the movie made me think of you and started me on a little journey down memory lane. I’ll always measure my growth in terms of the date on the Xmas holidays. I sure didn’t take it for granted sitting in that movie theater today.

A year ago,I was just starting to walk with a cane after months of dragging myself around, leaning on a walker. But I’m not complaining. A year before that, I had spent over two years isolated in a hospital bed with no hope of ever walking again. In fact, facing the amputation of my left leg. A team of specialists in the medical field felt it was time to take that next step to ensure my continued health.

There was something so flawed with that whole picture. Yet looking back, it was absolute reality for me then. I had been exposed to a drug that had crippled me, atrophied my legs and arms and they were rotting, and I was told over and over there was no hope of rehabilitation.

Enter Harrison Klein with his ‘I AM’ principles.  “Are you going to believe that?” says Harrison.  “Are you going to accept that as your reality?”  You taught me to become my state of Being.

You taught me to Be the vibration of all that I desired.

You taught me to never look at outside circumstances .. to always focus on my desired state in life.  ‘I AM perfect health!’  ‘I AM easily walking!’  

Harrison speaking in my heart .. “See the end result of what you desire, and BE it .. speak your I AM’s and match your vibration to it!”  “The fastest way is by becoming that state and sending that state of appreciation and direction out into the universe by your ‘I am’ dominant vibration!”  “The universe will then match it back in your circumstances!”

Wow .. I am just tingling with the power of all you’ve taught me!  I studied with so many other teachers, masters of transformation, and no one produced the quality of result you so easily did.  And you’ve taught me how to do that for myself!

Today, I am in excellent health, and have returned back to work. 

When we perfected my health, we then created a ‘wealth consciousness’ for me.  I went from having a local practice in the alternative health field, to having an international practice that people fly to from all over the world.  This all became so from dreams inside of me.

A few months ago I made over $19,000 in one month in my practice, I did back-flips in gratitude for you and your coaching.

I am forever grateful to you and these magnificent teachings you give to all of us from your heart.

“I AM now living the life of my dreams!”  Thank you Harrison, with all my heart!


Elaine Avlakeotes
Austin Texas

If you are interested in Harrison Klein's
Transformation Coaching, please

Dian Ohm

"I am totally released from my
resistance to my magnificence."

As I look out of my office window at the sea and the way it recedes from and then swallows up the sandy beach, I can't help but think about the immensity of the concepts we've learned over the last 10 weeks.  I wish I could be a privy to what each of us will do with what we've learned and how that knowledge will keep expanding us.  I know, I personally, have gone from feeling unable to grasp what Harrison was teaching to breakthroughs to confidence and burgeoning trust in the process.  And, having drunk from the cup of knowledge, there is no going back.  I am totally released from my resistance to my magnificence.

I give a very special thanks to Harrison, for without him none of this growth would have been possible. 

Lots of love and gratitude to you,
Monika Sparham

Dr. James Fairfield

". . . a Life Changing Experience"

My name is Pia, I am from Denmark and I have been attending Harrison Klein's tele-courses for almost a year now.

For me it has been a wonderful experience and has helped me in numerous ways and in my daily life.

Without having attended this I would not have been able to manage some serious situations in my life the past year and I feel very grateful for everything I have learned. 

The language problem is not big if you do speak- even a not perfect- english. Harrison is very helpful and patient on the call and you can always ask if there is something you do not understand.

What is so great about these calls is the interaction between not only you and Harrison but also with the other great people on the call, something you can never get with a course on the mail.

It is a life changing experience.

Pia B

Dagny Wallin

"Great Wisdom . . . You Possess"

Thank you very much for your gift of a visualization technique.

That was so good.  Your explanation of the deep breathing made so much sense.  I then visualised me and my family, including my somewhat negative and ill mother, all happy, healthy and prosperous. 

I'm a Nichiren Buddhist who chants Nam Myoho Renge Kyo to reveal my Buddhahood whose properties are wisdom, courage and compassion and to create value in the Universe.

When I hear the great wisdom that people like you possess I feel that my Buddhism of the Mystic Law of Cause and Effect is in rhythm with you.

Again thank you very much,
Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

Louise Edwards

"An Amazing Coach who Simplifies the Understanding of Creation . . . You've Made a Profound Difference in My Life"

Your coaching has cut through the fog around getting what I want in life and how to have it exist right now, in the present. 

Your coaching around the two GREAT Universal laws and how all other Universal laws come secondary to these two great laws has forever changed my life. 

You are an amazing coach who simplifies the understanding of creation and the creation process so it will be part of the daily existence process. 

Harrison, you've made a profound difference in my life and I'll be forever grateful to you as your gift to me is timeless.
L. Marysh, Life Coach
Toronto, ON

Diane Mayo

"I Finally Found My Teacher."

I want thank you and I mean really, really thank you because if you hadn't organized all of this I might still be wondering around out here sort of lost and looking for answers. I just want to hug you and laugh and I'm just so relieved that I finally found my teacher.  Do you have any idea how long I've been looking?

Everything that you taught made so much sense to me and clicked in such a huge way.

Thank you Harrison. I might be the most hard headed student you have, and I might not have jumped in here and started manifesting money first thing but I am manifesting.

I'm just a little bit excited. Did I mention I'd lost about 60 lbs??   I'm not dying anymore Harrison. You're my hero.

You are in my thoughts every day.

Becki Ray

Farhana Dhalla

If you are interested in Harrison Klein's
Transformation Coaching, please

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