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Harrison Klein

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Farhana Dhalla

Masters Gathering Co-Host and Transformation Guide

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For less than $2.50 a master!  Here’s how you get the Ultimate Transformation Mastermind Team

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What if you miss a LIFE CHANGING technique, practice or method that could have REVOLUTIONIZED your life?
What if you can't remember the exact technique and INSTANT SHIFT METHOD and steps given by the speaker?
What if you want to listen again and again to the amazing tools, practices and revelations taking place on each and every call?


Dr. John F. Demartini

Dr. John F. Demartini is one of the teachers featured in the inspirational hit movie, The Secret.

His programs explore diverse topics ranging from the sacred healing of ancient cultures to cutting edge personal development technologies.

Dr. Demartini is the best-selling author of Count Your Blessings, You Can Have an Amazing Life in Just 60 Days, The Healing Power of Gratitude and Love and The Breakthrough Experience, A Revolutionary New Approach to Personal Transformation.

Two of his most popular workshops include “The Breakthrough Experience” and “The Demartini Method.”

Diagnosed with a learning disability, John was told he would never read, write or communicate, and dropped out of high school to surf the waves of Southern California and Hawaii.

For many years he had a successful chiropractic clinic and was named "Chiropractor of the Year."

Today Dr. Demartini is a doctor, philosopher, author, and top inspirational speaker. He now consults other health professionals and speaks and writes on the subjects of personal transformation. His teachings on the power of unconditional love have reshaped psychology, and his revolutionary methodologies continue to transform the lives of millions around the world.


Laura Silva

Laura Silva Quesada is the daughter of the Silva Method founder, Jose Silva and the president of Silva International . When Jose first had the epiphany which led to the Silva Method, it was Laura and his other children whom he first began to test his ideas on. As a child, Laura Silva contributed mightily to her father’s knowledge and experiments and helped him have many glorious breakthroughs.

For the last 30 years, Laura has run Silva International, presenting seminars and mind-training programs to people worldwide. She has also authored Silva Life System, Silva Mind Body Healing and Silva Intuition System self-development programs. Her voice is there to guide people through mental exercises on these mind training audio book series. As president of her company, she continues to study mind-training and has assembled a team of educated professionals to help combine the Silva Method with the latest developments on the human mind.

Laura Silva is also interested in new discoveries in all realms of psychology and sociology, alternative medicine, and spirituality. These broad interests help her combine knowledge gained from several disciplines of study, keep up with new breakthroughs in her field, bring them to seminars, and share them with the public. Her willingness and openness to always learn has ensured that Silva seminars constantly offer the most effective mind training to her clients and colleagues.

Laura has authored a best-selling distance learning course, available worldwide, called Silva Life System, and she teaches alternative medicine and healing courses to doctors and nurses all over the United States.


John Assaraf

For over 25 years, John Assaraf has been seeking and finding the secrets to success—both in business and in life.

John Assaraf is a two time New York Times bestselling author, lecturer, business growth expert and entrepreneur.

His expertise for achieving the psychology and strategies for success in life and business has him as a frequent guest on Larry King Live, Anderson Cooper 360, The Donny Deutsch Show, Ellen DeGeneres and numerous radio and print media worldwide.

John appeared as one of the featured experts in the movie “The Secret” which he helped launch into a worldwide phenomenon and in the PBS special “Quest for Success” with the Dali Lama and Richard Branson.

In the past 25 years, he has grown four multimillion dollar companies and his current company, OneCoach, has helped over 5000 small business owners’ increase revenues profits and value.

His first book, Having it All, made it to The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal bestseller lists. In 2008 his Second Book, The Answer - Grow any Business, Achieve Financial Freedom and Live an Extraordinary Life, also became a runaway hit making it to New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists within 60 days of it's release.

John resides in Southern California and his passions are spirituality, his family, traveling, cooking, exercise, and making a significant and positive impact in the lives of others.

Dr. Alex Loyd

Dr. Alex Loyd is the founder of Dr. Alex Loyd Services, LLC, The
Healing Codes, a company dedicated to natural healing around the

He is a doctor of naturopathic medicine and has a Ph.D. in

For 12 years, Dr. Loyd traveled all over the globe in search of healing for his wife's clinical depression. Dr. Loyd's search led him to various techniques that could eliminate symptoms of depression and other illnesses, but not permanent, consistent healing.

Dr. Loyd then poured himself into the study of energy and quantum physics, which ultimately led to the discovery of The Healing Codes mechanism.


Bob Doyle

Bob Doyle is the CEO of Boundless Living, Inc., and author of the #1 Best-selling book "Follow Your Passion - Find Your Power". Since 2002, Bob has been teaching principles of Living Life by Design utilizing the principles of the Law of Attraction.

His Wealth Beyond Reason program has long been recognized as one of the most complete and usable online curriculums in the Law of Attraction, and gained the attention of the producers of the film and book "The Secret", in which Bob was one of the featured teachers.

Bob is a champion for creative self-expression and his work focuses on reconnecting people to their sense of passion and purpose and helping them to create a vision that inspires them into massive action working in concert with the natural laws of physics to realize a life of true abundance and joy!

Bob is a veteran broadcaster, music composer, author, photographer, and ukulele fanatic among other things, and encourages people to fully explore any and all of their passions, playing full out all the time, thus allowing the law of attraction to work effortlessly to attract all that they desire into their lives.


Marci Shimoff

Marci Shimoff is the author of the new instant runaway bestseller, Happy for No Reason: 7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out, which offers a revolutionary approach to experiencing deep and lasting happiness. It has immediately soared to #1 on many national bestseller lists including Amazon and Barnes and, and has debuted at #2 on The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal bestseller lists.

Marci Shimoff is also the woman's face of the biggest self-help book phenomenon in history, Chicken Soup for the Soul. Her six bestselling titles in the series, including Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul and Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul, have met with stunning success, selling more than 13 million copies worldwide in 33 languages and have been on the New York Times bestseller list for a total of 108 weeks. Marci Shimoff is one of the bestselling female nonfiction authors of all time.

In addition, she's a featured teacher in the international film and book sensation, The Secret.

A celebrated transformational leader and one of the nation's leading experts on happiness, success, and the law of attraction, Marci Shimoff has inspired millions of people around the world, sharing her breakthrough methods for personal fulfillment and professional success.

President and co-founder of the Esteem Group, she delivers keynote addresses and seminars on self-esteem, self-empowerment, and peak performance to corporations, professional and non-profit organizations, and women's associations. Marci Shimoff has been a top-rated trainer for numerous Fortune 500 companies, including AT&T, General Motors, Sears, Kaiser Permanente, and Bristol-Myers Squibb.

As an acclaimed authority on success and happiness, Marci Shimoff is often approached by media for her insights and advice. She has been on more than 500 national and regional television and radio shows and has been interviewed for over 100 newspaper articles nationwide. Marci Shimoff's writing has appeared in national women's magazines, including Ladies Home Journal and Woman's World.


Noah St. John

Noah St. John “The Accelerated Results Guy” is the inventor of Afformations® and bestselling author of Permission to Succeed® and The Secret Code of Success. He's the world's most-quoted expert on how to dump your head trash.

Noah has been featured in over 3,000 media outlets including CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, National Public Radio, PARADE, Woman’s Day, Los Angeles Business Journal, Washington Post, Chicago Sun-Times, Selling Power, Southwest Spirit, Bottom Line/Personal, and The Huffington Post.

With no formal education in business and a vision to empower millions of people worldwide, he launched in 1997 with a mission to teach entrepreneurs around the world how to get unstuck.

Noah's books have been translated into twelve languages, including Japanese, French, German, Russian, Arabic, and Mandarin Chinese.

"Noah St. John's work is about discovering within ourselves what we should have known all along – we are truly powerful beings with unlimited potential."  
— Stephen Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

“Before working with Noah, my company’s revenues had been stuck at $4 Million for four years. Since we started Noah’s coaching program, our revenues grew to over $20 Million Dollars and kept going up from there.”
Adam Schran, Entrepreneur


Dr. Joe Rubino

Dr. Joe Rubino is an internationally acclaimed authority on self esteem building, a life-changing personal development trainer and success coach and the internationally best-selling author of 11 books available worldwide in 19 languages. His life-altering book, “The Self-Esteem Book: The Ultimate Guide to Boost the Most Important Ingredient for Success and Happiness in Life” is already in 5 languages and has contributed the secret to soaring self-esteem to readers around the world.

In his most recent product release: “Success Factor #1: The REAL Source of Success”, Dr. Rubino collaborates with success experts like T. Harv Eker, Robert Scheinfeld, David Riklan (, Sharon Wilson,  Mark Joyner, Michael Lovitch ( and many more.

He is the CEO of The Center for Personal Reinvention, an organization that has impacted the lives of more than 1 million people through personal development, self-esteem enhancing and leadership development programs, providing participants with cutting edge tools and strategies to maximize their happiness, self-esteem, communications skills, productivity and personal effectiveness.

Through his publications, his speaking engagements and personal coaching, Dr. Joe Rubino has contributed to championing thousands of people to raise their self-esteem levels and live boldly and with passion. His vision is to impact the lives of 20 million people to live without regret, in harmony with their most important values, while being their very best.


Dr. Sue Morter

Dr. Sue Morter is an internationally recognized authority on bridging science, spirit and human possibility.

She founded Morter Institute & HealthCenter, a multi-doctor healing and wellness facility, in Indianapolis in 1987.

In addition to her private practice, today she holds seminars around the world – most recently in Bali, Indonesia – with the sole intent of awakening individuals to their own magnificence.

A dynamic and charismatic speaker, she has been referred to as the “Shaman in a Business Suit” and can be seen and heard in multiple documentary films, internet television and radio interviews, and live conferences worldwide.


William Linville

William Linville is a divine essence, clear Creator Consciousness in a physical body. He has ascended beyond all akashic record levels etc., perceptions of the truth, identifications, beliefs etc., which allows him to obtain / download clarity on any and all topics and so much more. William is an instrument of the Universal and Creator Consciousness and is here to assist you in accelerating and amplifying the process of you remembering, embodying and expanding into your Creator Essence and to experience all of your magnificence and much, much more.

When you are in William's presence there is no limit to what can and does take place for you as you experience all the possibilities that are available for you in a body on a planet.

"The message that I share with you is that I love, honor, and celebrate you. I encourage you to fully embrace the divine love that you are, by becoming one with your creator. I urge you to fully enjoy yourself through this adventure of remembering the grandness and uniqueness, as well as the gift that you are.  Let go of all that you have perceived about yourself as the truth, and see the magnificent wonder that you are, for each and every one of you is a blessing to the world, Universe and all of creation.

"Be at peace and know that all is in total alignment in support of you in every way.   What you feel, at times, when you feel discomfort, is you, gently nudging you with the encouragement of the Universe saying, 'We know you can do it', for we know how special, powerful, and beautiful you are.  Now, listen to yourself and let this present for you.  Let us birth you into the truth and freedom of being and knowing yourself.  Let's celebrate your magnificence

"You are constantly changing as the Universe is constantly changing in total support of you.  Feel our love for you through these beautiful times of communion and remembering.

"I'm about assisting you to wake up as you.   Watch what happens as your whole world opens up, body, mind, and you."

Ann Taylor 

Ann Taylor is an internationally known energy healer and teacher who's been creating miraculous changes in people's lives for over 15 years.

She was a stock broker before she became aware of her amazing gift.

She's shared the stage with Dr Bernie Siegel, worked over 8 years with Joe Vitale doing healing work plus presented along side John Assaraf, T. Harv Eker and Marci Shimoff.

Ann's incredible ability is to be able to call on God to instantaneously eliminate issues such as worrying about money and imprint people with an abundance consciousness. She's able to do this with hundreds of people all at once on the phone or in person. Her work is equally as effective by listening to a recording of it.


Dr. Bradley Nelson

Dr. Bradley Nelson is a holistic Chiropractor who discovered at an early age the role energy plays in our physical and emotional health.

While he was still seeing patients every day in his chiropractic practice and having excellent results, he began seeing more and more of the most difficult cases. He developed and tested his now well-known Emotion Code work which addresses these major issues.

He has been teaching seminars on balancing the body and emotions for over a dozen years, and is the author of the very popular book, The Emotion Code.


Jennifer Hough 

Founder of The Vital You Clinic

Creator of the “Get Out of Your Own Way Course™”

Author and extreme lover of life

Facilitator of Ease, Flow and Loving Your Life

Jennifer Hough is a speaker, author, gifted intuitive, holistic nutritionist and teacher of the art of awakening. She truly walks her talk.  She has transformed her own life from years of financial struggles and chronic migraines to one of abundance and limitless vitality. 

Ask any of her clients and they will tell you, she is brilliant - a true bundle of joy and inspiration. 

She started her journey 20 years ago when she developed the largest Holistic Nutrition and Life-Make-Over Coaching Practice in Canada by on integrating nutrition with a metaphysical awakening technique called Get Out of Your Own Way.

She masterfully leads her clients to "wake up" and transcend the underlying patterns that keep them stuck.  Her gift is to cause a cellular shift that goes beyond intellectual understanding.  Her work is about the blossoming of what is possible for families, relationships, health and peace for each of us personally, in business and on the planet.  


James Twyman

James Twyman is an internationally renowned, best-selling author, filmmaker and musician who has a reputation for traveling to some of the world's greatest areas of conflict, sharing his message of peace.

He has been called "The Peace Troubadour" and has performed his peace concert in countries like Iraq, Northern Ireland, South Africa, Bosnia and Serbia, drawing millions of people together in prayer to influence events of world crisis.

James has written twelve books including Emissary of Light, Emissary of Love, The Art of Spiritual Peacemaking and more recently The Moses Code, The Kabbalah Code and The Proof.

He has also produced or directed four films including the award winning Indigo, and the film version of The Moses Code. His CD's have inspired hundreds of thousands of people, and his performances at the United Nations, US Capitol and Pentagon, as well as grass roots projects like The Cloth of Many Colors, have made him one of the most influential spiritual peacemakers in the world.

James is also the president of The Beloved Community, an inter-religious organization that has ordained over 400 ministers of peace around the world, and the founder of The Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking.


Richard Gordon

With 35 years of experience, Richard Gordon is considered a visionary and pioneer in the field of energy healing. 

Mr. Gordon is the best-selling author of  “Quantum-Touch: The Power to Heal”, now and 17 languages, and “Your Healing Hands-The Polarity Experience”, 10 languages. 

As founder of the Quantum-Touch organization, Richard has traveled internationally speaking at medical centers, conferences, and chiropractic colleges, was on faculty at Heartwood Institute and the Holistic Health Institute.

Dr. C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. (Founding President of the American Holistic Medical Association), endorsed his work and called it, “The first technique that may truly allow us all to become healers.”  Quantum-Touch currently has certified practitioners in over 50 countries and has over 500 certified instructors around the world. 


Darius Barazandeh 

From near death to breakthrough, Darius Barazandeh was given a gift. A near death moment gifted him with 3 magic questions that can dramatically transform anyone’s life, business and happiness. He has inspired people in over 100+ countries connect to the greatness and the gifts they have within them. Darius has been trained in numerous schools of thought, business, economics, law, eastern and western thought. He holds an MBA in Finance, is a licensed attorney and a master NLP practitioner, author and transformational expert.

He is the founder of the transformational You Wealth Revolution, a life-changing 30 day global awareness project that has inspired the lives of people thousands of people in over 100 different counties to be more conscious and more connected to their spiritual gifts.

Darius has shared his depth of wisdom at Unity Church and through appearances on national events alongside best-selling authors like: T. Harv Eker, John Assaraf, Mark Victor Hansen, Joe Vitale, Marie Diamond, Barbara DeAngelis, Gregg Braden, Marci Shimoff, Janet and Chris Atwood and many transformational thinkers and teachers.

His breakthrough discovery of 'Eleutheria' is becoming well known for creating near instant changes in clarity, and the healing of emotional and financial blocks. His Students have reported life-changing breakthroughs in business, life and fulfillment through Darius' methods.

Hans Christian King

Internationally Acclaimed Spiritual Teacher and Medium

For over 50 years, Hans Christian King has been sharing his extraordinary talent: the ability to communicate with the realm of Spirit.

He works in partnership with his Guidance to bring through information that is relevant to your life. 

Hans Christian King is a very loving and kind man. He not only presents the most insightful information, but thoughtfully counsels you on the guidance that comes through.

One of his many unique gifts is his ability to let you know where you are on your soul's path, which helps you make the clearest possible choices for your future. 



Burt Goldman

Burt Goldman, fondly known to his fans as The American Monk, is a world renowned meditation master, a spiritual coach and mind power expert and has dedicated his life to helping people find their inner confidence and self esteem in their own lives. When he is not helping others, he is on a constant quest to better himself and always working on new and exciting projects.

To Burt, age is never an excuse to stop living.

At the age of 84, he’s just like any other person his age who relishes in peace and quiet, likes spending quality time with his grandchildren, and enjoys nothing more than sitting down to a good book, but Burt is also an accomplished author, artist, photographer and musician. If Burt can master life, so can you.

For more than 50 years, Burt has been improving the lives of people who want to live better. His techniques are so amazingly effective he calls them the lazy man’s way to achieve enlightenment.

Burt Goldman now lives in Los Angeles and just celebrated his 84th in September 2011.

Christie Marie Sheldon

Christie Marie Sheldon is an Intuitive Healer and author of Love Or Above Spiritual Toolkit Program. Christie uses her Spiritual Gifts to help guide people manifest the reality of their dreams.

She does this by helping them open up their awareness, raise their energetic frequency and learn to use their own Spiritual Gifts so they can continue helping themselves.

As the wise proverb says, “Give a man to fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime!”

From reaching out through radio shows to working with world and business leaders, Christie has done over 10,000 personal consultations over the past 15 years.

Making a difference in people’s lives has become her life’s choice, because if enough people raise their consciousness and vibration to self love and celebration, we can restore love on this planet.


Christy Whitman

Christy Whitman is an in-demand life coach, transformational leader, CEO and founder of the Quantum Success Coaching AcademyTM, a 12 month Law of Attraction coaching certification program.

She has helped thousands of women and men around the world achieve their goals through her empowerment seminars, speeches, and coaching sessions and products.

Christy's life-changing message reaches over 81,000 people a month and she has been quoted in Seventeen, Woman's World, Woman's Day, Teen Vogue, The Star Ledger, and Knot Magazine.

As a certified Law of Attraction coach, her work has been promoted by and featured with best-selling authors like Marianne Williamson, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Marci Shimoff, Brian Tracy, Neal Donald Walsch, Abraham-Hicks and Louise Hay.

Her newest book with co-author Rebecca Grado, Taming Your Alpha Bitch is coming soon.


Debra Poneman

Debra Poneman's powerful teaching about what true success is and how we can all live gloriously successful lives has impacted hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Debra spent the decade of the ‘70’s in India and Europe for months at a time in complete silence and meditation while at the feet of the great Master, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.  While back in the US, she taught meditation to thousands.

In the 1980’s Debra discovered the works of the great Masters of western esoteric thought – men and women who taught principles like the now popular Law of Attraction.  Recognizing that the world was ready for this knowledge; she founded Yes to Success Seminars, Inc. to bring out this body of knowledge that before had been the sole domain of spiritual groups like the Science of Mind, founded in 1928.

Within a few short years, Debra's seminars were taught in dozens of US cities and seven countries worldwide.  Among her clients were Fortune 500 companies and international associations. Among her students were people who went on to became New York Times best-selling authors; world-renown speakers; millionaires and billionaires; and even household names.

In 1988 with a book deal in hand, an infomercial running in thirty-two markets, and negotiations underway for her own national TV talk show; true to her teachings, Debra gave it all up when she realized she had a greater passion and had to follow her heart.

For over twenty years Debra disappeared from the public eye.  Now a best-selling author, she is back to tell her story and to once again share the simple secrets of how real and lasting success and happiness can be lived by every one of us.


Dov Baron

Dõv Baron is the bestselling author of “Don’t Read This…Unless You Want More Money!” and several other books. He is also the host and executive producer of the wildly popular radio show: “The Accidental Guru” broadcasting out of Seattle and globally via the internet.

Dõv has developed a system that takes people like you from success to fulfillment. His “Core Affluence System” gives his students the power to generate affluence and fulfillment. It gives you the competitive edge while nurturing your soul.

Dõv’s energy and passion are contagious. His style is direct, powerful, and humorous. Within moments you will feel a genuine connection with the man who walks his talk.

Dõv is a mind-mastery expert and the mental mechanic who will turbo-charge you for magnificent success in the area that matters most to you. He is an international speaker, facilitator, and author who has been sharing his knowledge around the world for the last twenty-five plus years.

Dõv Baron is the president of Baron Mastery Institute and the founder and developer of Quantum-Meta-Psychology™. Dõv’s philosophy is that the world needs more affluent people who are soulfully committed to standing in their truth, sharing their inner genius and empowering others to do the same.


Pragito Dove

Pragito Dove is a master trainer, speaker, and meditation expert who teaches people how to transform pain and fear into joy and inner peace in order to achieve real world success. A best-selling author and laughter meditation advocate, she founded the Laughing Buddhas Network to make success and happiness accessible to all.

Pragito Dove M.A., C.C.H. is the leading authority on Expressive Meditation in North America, having shared the stage with Dr. John Gray, Marcia Wieder, and Harrison Klein, amongst others.

Using the principles she now teaches, Pragito transformed her pain and fear into joy and inner peace.

Founder of the Laughing Buddhas’ Network and an internationally recognized author, meditation master and hypnotherapist, Pragito has provided expert meditation trainingto organizations including the UCSF Cancer Resource Center, the San Francisco Chronicle, NASA, Peak Potentials TrainingInc., the John C. Lincoln Hospital, National Association of Women Business Owners, and World Laughter Tour Inc.

She is the author of two best-selling books, Lunchtime Enlightenment (Penguin Group), and Laughter, Tears, Silence (published in six languages).

She has a private practice in Northern California from where she teaches highly acclaimed programs such as the Laughter Meditation Teleclass Program Series to an international audience!


Rikka Zimmerman 

As a renowned facilitator of Access Consciousness, Rikka Zimmerman is internationally acclaimed for her infinite joy, sense of compassion, and deep awareness in helping thousands break through the barrier of self-imposed limitations. Her engaging speaking style has lead to worldwide speaking engagements including becoming the five-time Keynote Speaker at the annual Conscious Life Expo in Colorado.

As a well-known photographer and musician before being introduced to Access, Rikka describes her personal integration of the Access tools into her life it was if she “...was on a rocket ship of receiving and generating a phenomenal life, where everything ‘falls into place’ as if by magic!”

Like a cosmic chemistry experiment, various elements on the periodic table that was Rikka’s life combined, reordered and detonated. The results could only be described as “MAGIC”!

Rikka’s photography bookings tripled. The resulting gigs were a joy and an ease to work. Her wedding photography was featured in the Independent, Martha Stewart Weddings, Your Wedding Day, The Wedding Guide, Santa Barbara magazine and West Ventura Weddings.

She also co-hosted a TV show called "Birthday Suit" on Lifetime Television Network. She co-founded the “Leaders for a Conscious World” International Speaker Series and was recognized for her contributions to consciousness at the premiere event. She has been a featured guest on numerous radio shows as well as appearing on television with Reverend Michael Beckwith.

Rikka travels around the world teaching classes and being the invitation to thousands of people to experience what a life of conscious choice can bring. Any time spent with Rikka will be sure to have as much laughter as moments of discovery. She is inspirational, enlightening, and brings a beautiful sense of new possibilities to the world.


Jeneth Blackert

Jeneth Blackert is the Founder of Jeneth LLC, a transformational lifestyle organization helping professionals and entrepreneurs clarify and communicate their message. With a background in corporate leadership blended with her intuitive approach to business Jeneth LLC is the leader of several cutting-edge business systems that deepen their client's visions using innovative approaches.

Blackert is the author of several books and programs including Seven Dragons: A Guide to a Limitless Mind, Simple Marketing and her upcoming transformational chick lit novel. Jeneth has also been an invited contributing author to several books including How The Fierce Handles Fear with Donald Trump and Jack Canfield, Business Bushido with Steven Covey and Align Expand Succeed.

Last year Blackert co-hosted The New Wealth Experience, a global movement inspiring people to claim their power, passion and prosperity. The event that impacted more than 30,000 people from all around the world. This year she continues to create New Wealth for others with her 30-Day New Wealth Life Challenge.

Jeneth has also been on many well-known television and radio shows worldwide including Martha Stewart Radio, NPR and Fox News.


Joe Noonan

                                       Living your Joyful Destiny Now!

Joe reminds us that joy is our birthright, our essence and our destiny. A playful lover of life, he teach people how to bring their logical left brain into harmony and resonance with their intuitive right brain, creating the heaven on earth that is seeking birth within us all.

Thru following his heart, Joe lives a life of great adventure. As a hands-on healer he worked in spiritual churches and hospitals. As a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist he worked with male batterers, spoke in prison, counseled families and rolled on the floor with autistic children. As a shamanic nature guide he helps people deepen their connection to their own inner Divine. As the founder of, he teaches the principles of peership, collaboration and Oneness to hundreds of corporations, universities and organizations.

A passionate speaker with unique views about the relationship between Humanity, Nature & the Divine, Joe has been interviewed by many magazines including People, Common Boundary and New York Times, and has been a guest on National Geographic, Fox and Oprah.

Joe loves Nature and the sea, and leads retreats for groups and families swimming with wild dolphins. He’s called The Dolphin Whisperer for his love of the dolphins and how they respond to him, and was given the name ‘Nimbeesh’, aka ‘Merman’, by Native Elders for his work bridging tribes of the land and sea. The creator of, Joe invites everyone to fall ever deeper in love with the ocean thru his free weekly wild dolphin photos.

Through his retreats, workshops and writing, Joe helps people connect with their own authentic joy and love of life. He is here to remind us that we are fully equipped, just as we are right now, to live in peace, joy and happiness.


Sonia Ricotti

Sonia Ricotti, is the #1 bestselling author of Unsinkable: How to Bounce Back Quickly When Life Knocks You Down, and also, The Law of Attraction Plain and Simple: Create the Extraordinary Life That You Deserve.

She is the CEO/President of Lead Out Loud, a leading-edge transformational company helping people around the globe achieve boundless success in all areas of their lives.

She is a top-rated professional speaker and has shared the stage with some of the most renowned personal development experts of our time. She has inspired millions around the world, sharing her breakthrough strategies for personal and professional success; in fact, her inspirational video messages on Youtube have been viewed by over 4 million people to date.

She is also the creator and host of the very popular Be Unsinkable Teleseminar Series where she interviews top experts on the topic of how to overcome adversity quickly and come out on top.

Sonia believes in giving back and making a difference. Over the last few years, she has participated in (and led) humanitarian trips to several developing countries, including Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Thailand.


Karen Russo

Karen Russo is Your Spiritual Guide in Wealth Creation.  She’s the award-winning author of The Money Keys: Unlocking Peace, Freedom and Real Financial Power, endorsed by her teachers Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Loral Langemeier, T. Harv Eker, and Katherine Woodward Thomas with a forward by Bob Proctor.

She's shared the stage with Dr Bernie Siegel, worked over 8 years with Joe Vitale doing healing work plus presented along side John Assaraf, T. Harv Eker and Marci Shimoff.

With her unusual blend of experience as an MBA from Columbia University, an accomplished corporate trainer, top selling salesperson, and an ordained interfaith minister, Karen shares insights from over 25 years of spiritual and secular success.

Karen has appeared in the MPower movie, on TV’s Fox News, Good Morning Arizona, in Networking Times, the Arizona Republic, and Science of Mind magazines.


Mahendra Trivedi

In 1995, Mahendra Kumar Trivedi was “guided” to use his unique gift -now referred to as the Trivedi Effect™ for the betterment of humanity. Immediately, Trivedi gave up all his worldly possessions and began dedicating his life to this mission. Soon thereafter, as more and more people encountered him and his work, Trivedi became affectionately known as ‘Guruji.’

The Trivedi Effect™ is a technique of mental energy transmission that, according to more than 4,000 well-documented scientific studies, has the ability to profoundly affect matter and unlimited potential to impact human wellness. For more than a decade now, Trivedi has devoted his life to harnessing the powers of this gift and using it in a wide range of beneficial ways. He has directed his attention, and this energy, to everything from human wellness and sustainable agriculture to atomic and cellular research.

One of the most astonishing results of the Trivedi Effect™ has been achieved in studies on ceramics. Simply by transmitting this mental energy, Trivedi has managed to alter the physical properties of some ceramics, giving this typically resistant material increased elasticity. Trivedi has also applied the Trivedi Effect™ in strictly controlled laboratory studies to elicit change in living organisms. Some results, for example, show that the energy is able to work at a cellular level to help restore the test substance to its optimal condition.

Trivedi’s work within the international scientific community is extensive and ongoing.  It represents a tremendous opportunity for scientists to investigate how the power of consciousness might be applied in ways that are beyond current understanding.  Trivedi’s mission, and that of the nonprofit Trivedi Foundation, is to utilize the Trivedi Effect™ to usher in a new era that integrates scientific research and consciousness to vastly improve the human condition and benefit humanity on a global scale.


Brad Yates 

Brad likes to think of himself as an Evolution Catalyst.

He is known internationally for his creative and often humorous use of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

Brad is the author of the best-selling children's book "The Wizard's Wish," the co-author of the best-seller "Freedom at Your Fingertips," and a featured expert in the film “The Tapping Solution,”

He has also been a presenter at a number of events, including Jack Canfield'sBreakthrough to Success, has done teleseminars with “The Secret” stars Bob Doyle and Dr. Joe Vitale, and has been heard internationally on a number of internet radio talk shows.


Marcia Wieder

As Founder and CEO of Dream University Marcia Wieder travels the world - an ambassador for making dreams real. She’s known for giving inspiring and moving talks to notable companies such as AT&T, The Gap and American Express.

In addition to being a charismatic speaker, she’s the renowned author of fourteen books dedicated to achieving your dreams: Making Your Dreams Come True®, Life is But a Dream, Dreams are Whispers From the Soul and Doing Less and Having More. She’s also a syndicated columnist for The San Francisco Chronicle, in which she urges readers to take "The Great Dream Challenge"- a call to arms for dreamers from all walks of life.

Appearing several times on Oprah and The Today Show, she’s shared her message of a "passion-filled life" with millions of viewers. Equally exciting, was the PBS featured national television special, Making Your Dreams Come True®, the namesake of her popular selling book, which has also been translated into numerous languages.

Making Your Dreams Come True Video Interestingly enough, while serving as the President of the National Association of Women Business Owners, she was often invited to the White House. She had the honor of meeting former Presidents Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr.

With a growing world-wide audience, receptive and eager to achieve their dreams and support others in doing the same, Marcia founded Dream University, where she has certified close to 1000 Dream Coaches to lead her masterful work. Many have their own successful practices, and others have brought her powerful message into their companies, communities, and even schools.


Margaret M. Lynch

Margaret M. Lynch is an accomplished Success Coach, author and is widely considered a top Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT®) expert.

Margaret is passionate about waking people up to stand more powerfully alive, on-fire and enthusiastically in their lives and in their mission.

She brings her transformational work to thousands of people from all over the globe through her wildly popular teleclasses programs, live events and as a frequent expert guest on radio and success focused events and summits.

Margaret’s unique style of EFT, known simply as “tapping”, focuses on breaking through blocks around money and personal power blended with world class teachings of the chakras, consciousness and law of attraction.

Margaret is the author of the highly acclaimed book and tapping program “Secret of Intentional Wealth” and creator of the “Tapping for Money Boot Camps”.

Her brand new program “The 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation” is a unique blend of tapping with the groundbreaking teachings of the chakras from her partner Rhys Thomas.


Steve G. Jones

Steve G. Jones is a board certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Steve G. Jones, M.Ed. has been practicing hypnotherapy since the 1980s. He is the author of 22 books on Hypnotherapy. He is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, American Board of Hypnotherapy, president of the American Alliance of Hypnotists, on the board of directors of the Los Angeles chapter of the American Lung Association, and director of the California state registered Steve G. Jones School of Hypnotherapy. In order to keep up with the very latest in research, he regularly attends training conferences.

In the mid 80's, Steve began study at the University of Florida. His primary research focus was cognitive psychology, understanding how people learn. Much of his early research was published in psychology journals in late 80's. Meanwhile, he continued practicing hypnosis outside of academia on a regular basis.

From 1990 to 1995, he was fortunate to counsel families and individuals. During this time he finished his degree in psychology at the University of Florida and went on to graduate studies in counseling. He has a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Florida (1994), a master's degree in education from Armstrong Atlantic State University (2007), and is currently working on a doctorate in education, Ed.D., at Georgia Southern University.

Steve G. Jones sees clients for a variety of conditions. Among them are: weight loss, anxiety, smoking cessation, test taking, phobias (such as fear of flying), nail biting, road rage, anger management, IBS, general wellness, pre-surgical and pre-dental pain control, natural childbirth, and many others.

In business settings, he is regularly called upon by sales teams to boost salesperson motivation. His straightforward techniques have significantly and consistently increased sales.

Steve G. Jones also works extensively with Hollywood actors, writers, directors, and producers, helping them achieve their very best.


Satyen Raja & Suzanne Raja 

Black belt, entrepreneur, author, trainer, iconoclast, visionary, and life-architect are just a few of the words that describe Satyen Raja. With 30 years as a teacher in multiple disciplines from around the globe, Satyen gleans the essence of the wisdom and distills it down to its very workable essence.

His presentation style, whether in a one-to-one radio interview, or to an auditorium of thousands, is provocative, inspiring, and above all, full of practical wisdom. He has a unique gift for hearing what lies beneath his listeners’ questions, and giving answers that convey deep truths with incredible heart.

Never shy of controversy, he is willing to take conventional wisdom to task where it falls short in order to give his students the most comprehensive teachings.

Satyen Raja circles the globe, offering experiential trainings; from martial arts training - to the art of generating money and from creating passionate love - to obtaining a deeper satisfaction in life. He is known as a visionary and provocateur, while also being infinitely practical, giving people powerful tools to improve and transform their lives.

Suzanne Raja is the embodiment of true Feminine radiance and of deep Feminine power.  Simply being in Suzanne’s presence brings men into their depth and women into their natural glow.  Suzanne does not just practice what she teaches, she is what she teaches.  Suzanne is Love.


Yugandhar Gr 

Dr Yugandhar GR is a General Surgeon, Spiritual Teacher and a Workshop Trainer. A series of experiences related to Astral Travel, Past Lives, ESP and enthusiastic research in various aspects of Spirituality, Study of various Masters and their teachings etc., created a lot of Spiritual Transformation in him.

He clubbed Medical Science with Spiritual Science and has started a new system and style of practice called as Transformational Medicine under which banner he included and devised may methods which actually cause transformation of mind and life leading to Self-Realization thus putting an end to all disease and suffering. The most neglected aspects like the Psychological, Emotional and the Spiritual well-being of a person is the central focus of this system.

He conducted more than a thousand workshops on several subjects during the past two decades, related to human transformation, like meditation, sub-conscious mind, stress, power of intent, nutrition, leadership & spirituality, astral connectivity, traps of life, emotional & spiritual intelligence, various topics related to holistic health & wellness, family well-being, parenting, birth traumas, energy dynamics, self-defeating karmic patterns, age regression, etc. His forthcoming books include (Transformational Medicine Vol. 1,2 & 3, The Traps, We are not walking Grave Yards, Dharma Chakra, I.M.E.D, The Satorie, and The five principles.

He is also Secretary of The World United, connecting people through Personal & Planetary transformation, which works on a principle that all the spiritual individuals and groups need to come unto common platform to accentuate the on-going Global Spiritualization Process.


Elisabeth Fayt

Elisabeth Fayt is the Owner/Founder of RnR Wellness, a Canadian wellness success story. Its downtown Calgary spa, located in the prestigious Fairmont Palliser Hotel also services 15 of Calgary's finest hotels with the RnR Wellness exclusive In-Room Spa service.

Fayt has invested close to two decades studying with the Masters of India and global business leaders. A voracious teacher of the Laws of the Universe, she translates the “wisdom of the ages” into powerful keynote presentations, workshops and mentorship programs.

Elisabeth has inspired thousands in person, on film, television and radio. She shares her practical tools in her best-selling book “Paving it Forward” and is a featured teacher in the hit movie THE OPUS, follow-up film to "The Secret".

Her energy is contagious. "I believe the best thing you can do for someone is to teach them to change their thought. Then they can create happiness for themselves, at will, regardless of any circumstance or environment."


Arielle Ford 

Arielle Ford has spent the past 25 years living and promoting consciousness through all forms of media.

She is the author of the international bestseller, THE SOULMATE SECRET: Manifest The Love of Your Life With The Law of Attraction

Arielle has been called “The Cupid of Consciousness” and “The Fairy Godmother of Love” and she shares her secrets to manifesting the love of your life.

Her show, Big Love with Arielle Ford is heard of Contact Talk Radio where she shares the secrets to finding and keeping love and making life a spiritual adventure.

She lives in La Jolla, CA with her husband/soulmate, Brian Hilliard and their feline friends.


Grandmother Parisha

Pa’Ris’Ha has Native American and European heritage. She is known as an Elder and addressed as Grandmother. Pa’Ris’Ha is a Peacekeeper, and a Wisdom Path Teacher, as well as a business consultant and Mentor.

She is a Spiritual Archeologist. She gives credit to her Native Elders and Global Mentors and teaches in wonderful stories that recall her life experiences using Earth and Sky as the atmosphere and location in each adventure.

Pa’Ris’Ha has been acknowledged as a Tibetan reincarnation of TARA, a Bodhisattva Buddha, by Rinpoche Kalu and a Bhutanese Rinpoche, T’sering Wangdi. His Holiness of Bhutan ordered a Stupa built for her (symbol of enlightenment, these holy monuments are designed with deep symbolism and sacred geometry - Filled with Buddhist relics, and other holy objects, Stupas emanate blessings and peace) and has declared her director of his Dharma Center in the U.S.

Pa’Ris’Ha’s accomplishments include keynote speaker in the Parliament of World Religions Centennial Interfaith Program in Chicago with the Dalai Lama and Mother Theresa; in China, a catalyst in bringing Eastern and Western medical professionals together to heal HIV; a popular and often sought after speaker at the University of Physics and the Humanistic Psychology symposia in Bratislava, the Institute of Psychiatry in Moscow, and in Siberia in the former USSR. She was an activist in resolving the Communist Party in the former Czechoslovakia and was a major player in bringing down the Berlin Wall.


Jennifer McLean 

Internationally acclaimed entrepreneur, author and creator of The Body Dialog healing system, Jennifer McLean is a spiritual catalyst.  Intelligent, heart-centered and mindful, Jennifer works with respected “masters” from the transformational thought and wellness communities, amplifying their teachings at a level her audience can absorb, no matter where they are in their own spiritual journey. 

This valuable skill, combined with Jennifer’s intention to be a beacon of love, peace and light, has allowed her, in a few short years, to build a successful international business from the ground up.

An expert in brand-building strategies and influencer outreach, Jennifer developed the credibility branding model.  The foundation of her consulting work, the credibility branding model is behind Jennifer’s powerful communications strategies and campaigns designed for top Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, Yahoo! Canada, The GAP, Mazda, Canon, Pioneer, Epson, Hostess and Nortel.

In 2008, McLean left corporate America to launch “McLeanMasterWorks,” a successful business that integrates her passion for healing with savvy digital and traditional marketing.  This corporate entity manages the ground-breaking, international online teleseminar series, “HealingWiththeMasters.” 

Now in its eighth season, this free program featuring respected “masters” from the transformational thought and wellness movements, including New York Times best-selling authors and “Oprah Winfrey Show” contributors, currently reaches an international subscriber base across 122 countries. Inspirational guests have included Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, James Redfield and Marianne Williamson, among others.

Jennifer has authored two critically acclaimed books, The Big Book of You, a motivational, poetic, spiritual and visual coffee table book filled with inspiration and valuable insight, as well as, The Credibility Factor, based on her credibility branding model.


Harrison Klein

Transformationalist, Harrison Klein, is fondly known as the Underground Master - or the Master to the Masters. He is the owner of The Masters Gathering, Women Power and Purpose, True Millionaire Stories, 100MX3 and ProAbundance LLC’s, five internet companies specializing in transformations and awakening processes, as well as CEO of IAMGroup, LLC.

He develops information and popular products around the leading edge of the spiritual, metaphysical and coaching industry as well as speaks at and produces events for the Personal Growth, Wealth and Development companies and community.

He is an active coach and his 3 course series entitled The Alignment Factor, Effortless Abundance and Mastery are designed to bring the subconscious, conscious and superconscious into perfect alignment thus ending stress, increasing awareness and making manifestation and life easy, natural and effortless due to the congruency of our internal state of mind, spirit and being.

He has been a teacher, marketing director and entrepreneur since 1992. He has led teams as President and CEO of all six businesses and developed multiple applications and teaching techniques designed to stimulate intellectual and cellular integration, internalization and transcendence. His message is the continuous unfoldment of unconditional love through consciousness elevations and he lives that purpose wholly.

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